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I’ve been going on and on about LinkedIn lately. I promise that I’ll stop after this little discovery. In looking at my network activity for a while yesterday, I noted a few things. You’re working to keep LinkedIn clean per my post (so thanks). You’re using LinkedIn effectively per my post (thanks again).

So NOW, I really want to read that ultra-tidy wonderful stream of my network’s activities and information. But I don’t want to hover around on the site and press refresh.

That’s when I noticed the RSS button. You can click here to subscribe to YOUR LinkedIn network feed. Then, you can throw that into your RSS reader of choice (mine’s Google Reader) and suddenly have a lot of network action information at your fingertips.

If you’re prospecting or networking or looking for a job, or helping others find work, this is gold. It’s like a news stream for your network, but one that’s a lot less noisy than Twitter and a lot more business-minded.



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