You’re Doing It Wrong

you're doing it wrong

  • You follow too many people on Twitter.
  • You don’t allow blog comments.
  • You add people to LinkedIn that you don’t know very well.
  • You have ads on your blog.
  • You use partial RSS feeds.
  • Your blog posts are too short (too long).
  • You shoot really long videos and don’t edit.
  • You don’t follow people back.
  • You swear.
  • You talk in LOLcat speak.
  • You aren’t using FriendFeed.
  • You are using FriendFeed.
  • You push the same updates to every platform.
  • You don’t use Creative Commons.

Guess what? We’re all doing it wrong. Because we’re all doing it our own way, and it’s not always going to match the way you think it works best. And just like pretty much all of life, we’ll get there somehow. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Glad you got that off your chest.


Photo credit Beige Alert

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