The Zappos Way of Making Buying Easier

It would be an oldschool recommendation, if I told you that Zappos knew more than most people about retail and/or customer service. We’ve known that for years. But I have another reason to love them: they make the best product videos. They are fast, concise, and full of information. Here’s one for a trail running shoe I’m considering buying.

If you can’t see a video above this line, click here.

See that? You could watch that video really quickly, because it’s under 1 minute, because it is full of information, because it’s cleanly shot, and because it feels informative but not forced. That’s the takeaway. Shoot brief, shoot informative. Shoot casual. That’s what we should strive for in videos that we hope to use to convince or convert people.

What do you think? Who’s making videos this effective?

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