Zoho Launches Marketplace

Zoho, the hard working people who have created about a million free web-based applications, a company that every small business looking to cut software costs in 2009 should be looking to for solutions, has opened up a brand new marketplace to accompany the launch of their even-more-functional new Creator 3.0 release. What’s this mean? If you want an application and Zoho hasn’t made it yet, make it yourself.

They released a fun little video to go along with the news:

I’ve long been a fan of what Zoho does, but with this new Marketplace, I get the feeling that we’re going to inch closer to one of my predictions for the future of social networks: velvet rope social platforms.

By this, I mean to say that Facebook won’t cut it in the near future for professional networks. If you and I are journalists, we’ll want to hang out on a site that has tools that make sense to us, alongside our friending features. If we’re realtors or hoteliers, we’ll want tools specific to our trades. If we’re educators, the same.

Tools like these in the marketplace are a great way for us to move even closer towards that future, as I see them potentially extending into use on various social platforms, if you just squint your eyes a bit.

Check out all the cool apps at Zoho Marketplace, and congrats to the team on yet another launch.

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