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Chris Brogan is the Chief of Staff at Appfire and an executive-level strategist and CEO advisor, working with companies at the 100M+ revenue range.The projects he works on with C-level executives involve everything from scouting M&A opportunities in B2B enterprise SaaS, strategic pathing and decision-making, reorg efforts, and more.Chris is a sought-after keynote speaker and showrunner of The Backpack Show. He is the New York Times bestselling author of ten books and counting. He’s working on his eleventh.

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The very best work I do is here

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NYT Bestselling author

10 Books and working on his eleventh


Book Chris to speak at your next event

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We only learn when we feel engaged. Professional speaking is the art of blending information with entertainment and connecting it meaningfully to a smart audience. I've given over 1000 keynote speeches internationally to some of the biggest companies and industries in the world. Each presentation is tailored to the people I serve, and every presentation is built to reflect the specifics of your organization. Let me turn your event into a thousand thank-you notes from your attendees to YOU for putting me in front of them to serve their needs with fresh ideas, funny delivery, and a very personal touch.


  • Artificial Intelligence Prompt Engineering

  • Augmented Reality – specifically moving actionable data to proximate spaces

  • Internet of Things – connected devices that know you’re there are cool

  • Executive Leadership – how do you craft the right team to execute a grand vision?

  • Writing and storytelling – I love writing, podcasting, video making, all the things. (Except TikTok.)

I’ve been paid to speak on a variety of topics, the range of which might prove staggering. To that end, I like to curate a small list of topics I’d much rather talk about if they serve your people. Contact me ( if you want to discuss my availability for speaking.



Artificial Intelligence is here. There are articles everywhere about how great it is, how terrible it is. What can it do for your role? How will it impact your workforce? Should you dive into it, or steer clear? What are the risks and where are the opportunities? Learn from someone deep in the keys on this topic daily, plus get a summary of all the popular modern analysis on the topic. (This speech is customized to every specific industry and organization. It’s too nuanced to be “out of the box.”)


It’s unlikely that your company has a Chief of Staff role on your executive leadership team…YET. But should you? It’s one of the fastest-growing executive position titles being offered on LinkedIn. As companies grow in complexity while being forced to make do with less, the role of Chief of Staff exists as a way to orchestrate the rapid response strategic decisiveness required to succeed faster in fewer quarters. Learn the possible configurations of the role, the benefits (and a few drawbacks) of having a Chief of Staff, and hear some learnings from other notable Chiefs from various industries.


For whatever reason, we expect our executive and senior leadership teams to be great writers, presenters, and all around communications experts. Have you been to the average team meeting lately? Writing is thinking. It encourages better absorption of what matter at work, and yet, most people write like they’re being held hostage, or they’re presenting to their fifth grade teacher. Learn at least three different styles of writing, when to use each, and how this applies to EVERY role in a modern knowledge-working community.

Again, I’m open to many more topics, but these are my top ones for 2023. Let me know what you want and let’s work to satisfy your needs. Drop me an email:


May I pause and say something about bios? They always sound so arrogant and pompous. They are this moment in time where we’re supposed to brag about ourselves so that you think we’re worth your time. I’m worth your time. If you’re stuck having to read this to a crowd at a conference where I’m keynoting, hopefully, this will be easier.Chris Brogan is Chief of Staff at He is the New York Times bestselling author of ten books and counting. Chris is an international keynote speaker, having given over 1000 speeches across 14 countries and counting.

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Chief of staff


I'm the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Appfire. My position serves as a strategic advisor to the senior and executive leadership of the company, with a mandate to drive the company’s major initiatives across the organization.I'm responsible for strategic guidance, executive communications, town hall and All Hands meetings, select M&A duties and extending the capabilities and coverage of the executive leadership team and the CEO during these fast-paced times. I work with the Executive Leadership team to keep them as free as possible to face near-future challenges while carrying out the mission of Appfire and supporting the success of all Fireflies.

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The Backpack Show

The Backpack Show is a business TV show that airs LIVE online Fridays at 10am ET, with past episodes available on demand for when you’re ready to watch. Your hosts, Chris Brogan and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, bring guests from all different kinds of businesses and walks of life to share success insights with you.

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Executive CoACHING

Strategy for CEOs and Executive Teams

Chris' executive coaching services include everything from CEO coaching/leadership tuning to providing Board of Director support services, executive coaching, writing support for executives, and overall strategy and decision guidance for senior leadership in midsized (enterprise) organizations. Quarterly board presentation design, mission and vision support, leadership talent development and more fall into my purview. Reach out to discuss your current needs.

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