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Chris Brogan is the Chief of Staff at Appfire and an executive-level strategist and CEO advisor, working with companies at the 100M+ revenue range.The projects he works on with C-level executives involve everything from scouting M&A opportunities in B2B enterprise SaaS, strategic pathing and decision-making, reorg efforts, and more.He is also president of Chris Brogan Media, offering brand and digital content strategy as well as business strategy advisory services.Chris is a sought-after keynote speaker and showrunner of The Backpack Show. He is the New York Times bestselling author of ten books and counting. He’s working on his eleventh.

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NYT Bestselling author

10 Books and working on his eleventh

keynote speaker

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My role in your event is to mash the best of what I know against my research about your industry and the conversations I have with your attendees, and turn it into something of value and action, and fun. Look, I’m not a juggler or a magician but I am also not a stuffy suit. My job is to deliver value to your attendees AND make you look good for hiring me.

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Chief of staff


I'm the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Appfire. My position serves as a strategic advisor to the senior and executive leadership of the company, with a mandate to drive the company’s major initiatives across the organization.I'm responsible for strategic guidance, executive communications, town hall and All Hands meetings, select M&A duties and extending the capabilities and coverage of the executive leadership team and the CEO during these fast-paced times. I work with the Executive Leadership team to keep them as free as possible to face near-future challenges while carrying out the mission of Appfire and supporting the success of all Fireflies.

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The Backpack Show

The Backpack Show is a business TV show that airs LIVE online Fridays at 10am ET, with past episodes available on demand for when you’re ready to watch. Your hosts, Chris Brogan and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, bring guests from all different kinds of businesses and walks of life to share success insights with you.

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Executive CoACHING

Strategy for CEOs and Executive Teams

Chris' executive coaching services include everything from CEO coaching/leadership tuning to providing Board of Director support services, executive coaching, writing support for executives, and overall strategy and decision guidance for senior leadership in midsized (enterprise) organizations. Quarterly board presentation design, mission and vision support, leadership talent development and more fall into my purview. Reach out to discuss your current needs.

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