Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Conferences?

Chris Brogan I had a wonderful time at Michael Port’s Heroic Public Speaking event. There was a lot of value offered for those who attended. As a speaker, I loved sharing what I knew with the folks who were there. But I also operated as an attendee, listening and absorbing, and also getting what I could out of meeting and talking with other attendees. I had a secret opportunity: almost a dozen people there were friends as well as attendees. So I got a LOT out of my time there. But it made me think.

Are you getting the most out of your conferences?

There are some great ways to improve your conference experience, and I want to give you them right now.

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Remember When I Said I Quit Facebook?

Chris Brogan on Facebook A few years back, I quit Facebook. I tried deleting my old profile, but in Facebook, that’s pretty much an act of congress, so I just abandoned it. A year ago-ish, I snuck back on, but decided not to do much in the way of “business” via my Facebook. Along the way, I discovered what I think is the real value of the platform.

Facebook Business Value Isn’t What You Think

People ask me often about advertising on Facebook. I have no idea. Every time I’ve done it, nothing much happens. Jon Loomer knows better than me. That’s his thing.

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Why I Won’t Stop Blogging

Chris Brogan I started blogging in 1998, back when they called it journaling. My first site wasn’t really blogging software. It didn’t exist yet. A bunch of my sites have been lost to software companies folding. Then eventually, I landed on, ported some of those posts to WordPress, made a lot of mistakes, and finally settled into staying on WordPress and staying in the same rough area of the universe (though my focus changes every few years).

I won’t stop blogging

I love it. I love having a platform where I can reach out to people, share my thoughts and ideas and insights, and find ways to help others.

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I’m not a social media expert

Chris Brogan I’m a business advisor and educator. My job in one way or another over the last several years has been to help businesses figure out how to market and sell better using digital tools. That makes my job basically business advisor and consultant.

I’m not a social media expert.

I don’t care about the tools. I care about the interactions. I care about business making. I care about helping professionals communicate and connect.

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I Like Facebook More Than Twitter These Days and Why That Doesn’t Matter

Chris Brogan Lately, I’m finding lots of interaction and fun on Facebook. I once wrote a post about how I was leaving Facebook for Google+ because whoa, that’s the future. Until Google decided it wasn’t. And I’m reasonably well known for loving Twitter and being an early adopter of it.

Which social network is right for you?

The real answer? The one you like. I like Instagram plenty. I like Facebook more than I ever did before (no real idea why). I even spent a half hour today in LinkedIn (which I usually complain about).

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What is Content Marketing?

Chris BroganContent marketing is the art of using content of any kind (blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and much more) to reach prospects and customers and influencers, and warm them up for the potential of a purchase. You can have an offline business and use content marketing. You can promote yourself, a book, a store, a church, or whatever it is you need to do.

The art of content marketing is to create information that entertains, informs, and then CONNECTS a potential buyer with what you do/offer.

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What a Long Time Friendship and Partnership Looks Like

Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse I started stalking Brian Clark of Copyblogger back in 2006. Hard to imagine that I’d already been blogging for eight years when he showed up, but I knew from the start that Brian was smarter at a lot of things than I was, and that he’d go far. He, on the other hand, thought I was a weirdo and wouldn’t amount to anything. (Long time joke, but true story.)

Brian and I Have Collaborated In Many Ways

Brian was faster to the idea of helping people learn what they needed to know about the business side of the web in a more formalized way. And he created years of content that people really couldn’t rival. While I dabbled and explored and investigated and changed lanes, Brian stayed very tightly on a single mission, helping you move the needle on your business.

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Which Conference Should You Attend? Your Own

TED Talk I’m working through a few ideas, but I’m a little bit stuck. And as I haven’t been invited to speak at a conference this week or next (where I get a lot of thoughts and ideas), I decided to put on a conference in my living room. The content doesn’t quite matter, because it’s my conference.

People ask me all the time which conferences are the ones to attend? My answer: your own.

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