100 PodCamp Topics for You to Cover

With PodCamp Boston 2 coming up Oct 26. – 28 in Boston, and with over 1200 people registered as of this very moment, PodCamp as a movement is going strong. PodCamp Cape Town (South Africa) just happened, and PodCamp Perth (Australia) is coming up simultaneous with Boston2. I figured as the cofounder of PodCamp, that I should write out some ideas for sessions one could cover, were one to be stuck wondering what to talk about. You could use these at upcoming PodCamps like PodCamp Arizona on November 3rd or you could just blog, podcast, or videoblog a topic as I’ve written them all out below. I just ask one thing: please link back to chrisbrogan.com with any post you write from this list. Thanks!

And so, without further delay, the list:

100 PodCamp Topics for You to Cover

  1. Building Relationships Using Digital Tools
  2. How Your Media Influences Change
  3. Setting up a Hosted WordPress blog- plugins, themes, and tweaks.
  4. How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Make Your Media Better
  5. Compression Techniques for Video
  6. Storytelling and Making Meaning for Your Audience
  7. Protecting Your Data with Simple Storage and Backup Strategies
  8. My Biggest Podcasting Mistake
  9. My Gear Setup
  10. Wherecasting – Making Travel Media
  11. Corporate Uses for Podcasting- Beyond Training
  12. Media My Mother Could Make
  13. PodCamp Internet Video Screening
  14. Mobile Media Making – Kyte.tv, Utterz, and More!
  15. Politics and Media
  16. Interviewing Tips and Tricks
  17. Presenting for PodCamps- How to Make the Audience Love You
  18. Working with Advertisers- A Podcaster’s Guide
  19. Music and the Podcaster
  20. Videoblogging Basics
  21. Shopping Tips for Media Makers
  22. Directories, Lists, and Search Engines
  23. Google Can’t Watch Your Videos- Tagging and Show Notes for Videobloggers
  24. Transcription Tips for Podcasters
  25. Touring Virtual Worlds- Second Life and Beyond
  26. Twitter for Media Makers
  27. YouTube and Other Internet Video Sites
  28. Facebook Strategies for Podcasters
  29. Podcasting and the Law
  30. Snack-Sized Media- How to Podcast, Videoblog, and Blog for Micro-Content
  31. Brand-building Through Media
  32. Lighting and Sound for Video
  33. How Blogging Changed My Life
  34. Photoblogging- Techniques and Themes
  35. Touring Our City- An Interactive Podcasting, Blogging, Photoblogging Tour
  36. Nonprofits, Educators, and Making New Media Matter
  37. Social Networks Roundup
  38. From Idea to Syndication- Dymystifying Audio Podcasting
  39. Distribution Strategies for Media Makers
  40. Homemade Special Effects- A Quick Tour
  41. My Best Podcasting Tricks
  42. Secrets of Successful Bloggers
  43. Photography for the DIgital Age
  44. Photoshop Tricks and Tips
  45. Beyond iMovie- Final Cut Pro for Beginners
  46. Interviewing and Biography Projects for Seniors
  47. Educational Podcasting and the Future of Interactive Classrooms
  48. Acting for Videobloggers
  49. How Improv Improves Podcasting
  50. Mini-Series for Audio and Video
  51. Mixing Media- Blogging, Podcasting, and Videoblogging
  52. Video Hosting Run-Down
  53. Creative Commons- What Does It Mean?
  54. Voice Techniques for Podcasters
  55. My Best Shows, My Worst Shows
  56. Can We Call It Internet Radio and TV?
  57. Religion and Media Making
  58. Remixing, Mashups, and the Scrapbooking of Media
  59. Portable Gear and Making Media on the Run
  60. Multilingual Podcasts, and Media for More Than One Country
  61. Thinking About The Future
  62. Photoblogging Projects for the Community
  63. Live Internet Video Sites
  64. From Marketing to Conversations
  65. Social Networks and Niches
  66. Building a Solid Workflow
  67. Advice From an Old Radio Veteran
  68. What Rock Videos Can Teach You About Editing
  69. The Secret of Great Bloggers
  70. MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIN
  71. Professionalism in Podcasting
  72. Vlogging, Videoblogging, Vidcasting- What Do I Call It?
  73. How to Build Communities With Your Media
  74. Conversational Podcasting
  75. Seven Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging
  76. Why I Prefer Audio to Video
  77. Ideas for Making Money With Podcasting – A Brainstorming Session
  78. Presentation Secrets for PodCamp Session Presenters
  79. Get the Most Out of PodCamp With Good Networking Tips
  80. Meet Someone Totally New- A Power Socializing Session
  81. Projects for Your Community Blog
  82. Sound Effect Collecting and Cataloging
  83. Shows Around Other Shows- Ways Podcasting and Videoblogging Could EXTEND Media
  84. Are You Even Reading These Any More? – Email Me and Tell Me Yes
  85. Hosting a Live Podcasting Meetup- Advice, Ideas, and Cautions
  86. Recording Live Music
  87. Political Photography- Making Meaning With Images
  88. Lessons From Social Networking Mistakes I’ve Made
  89. Um Um Um Um- Speech Lessons for Podcasters
  90. Can’t Buy Me Love- Sponsors and Your Audience
  91. Forgetting Something? – Show Notes and Great Google Juice
  92. Learning From the Scoble Show- Advice for Tech Demos
  93. Ten Blogs Worth Learning From
  94. Structuring a Series
  95. Go Home Tonight And ____ : Advice for Novice Podcasters
  96. Ways to Extend the Consumption of Social Media
  97. Videoblogging for Business Uses- Interviews, Training, and Marketing
  98. Family Media Making- Advice for Baby’s First Podcast
  99. Website Design for Media Makers
  100. Scratching a Niche- Building Media for SPECIFIC Demographics

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