20 Blog Topics To Get You Unstuck

20 I’m often asked how I come up with so much content so often and so consistently. One truth is that I write all the time, and that my discipline of writing all the time means I’m more practiced and skilled.

Another answer is that I have a mindset for framing posts that will hopefully be useful to my community, while also being worthwhile to my business (I derive a high percentage of business referrals from my blog posts).

I wrote down a bunch of ways that you could come up with material. You might not like all 20 ideas. The goal might be to look at what I’ve written for ideas and come up with your own list. In fact, it might even spur you to write 20 blog topics for your industry or community. Here’s hoping this is helpful.

20 Blog Topics To Get You Unstuck

Questions You Might Answer

  1. What challenges are my potential customers facing. Do I have any advice for them?
  2. What have I read lately? What points were interesting? Can I add more to it?
  3. What bugs me? Can I write about another way to approach it?
  4. Who do I admire? Can I write something about them that explains how to emulate those traits?
  5. What has the potential of helping (hurting) me or my community in the coming months? Are there possible ways out of it?
  6. What kinds of tools are missing from my environment that would help things along?
  7. Which companies or parts of an industry might benefit from your ideas?
  8. How do other industries compare to what my community is thinking about?
  9. What kinds of thoughts will inspire my audience to contact me (or support a cause, or buy your product, or support your interests)?
  10. What do I want to know that I can ask my community?

vintage camera
Pictures help stimulate the writing process.

Fill in the Blanks

  1. How ___ is like _____.
  2. __ Ways to Convince the Boss to Try ____.
  3. How do I _______?
  4. Here are some new ways to ________.
  5. My personal recipe for ______.
  6. If I ran the _____.
  7. Three improvements to your company’s _______.
  8. Your first steps into ______.
  9. If you find yourself stuck, try _____.
  10. Restarting now would _____.

photo credit cappellmeister and npmusikchild

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