20 Blogging Projects for You

Sometimes, we get stuck for topics. I know how that can be. That’s why I wrote 100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write. Here are 20 more blog ideas you can take and use for springboards into your own projects. If you use one, please consider linking back to [chrisbrogan.com], so the community (and I) can find your great posts. Here are the 20 blogging ideas for you:

  1. My Town – Take us on a photo tour showing us 5-7 things that would make a new visitor to your town happy to see.
  2. Make Something – Show us how you make your lasagna in a video. Show us how you organize your files on your computer. Take us through in a way that WE can do the same when you’re done.
  3. Share Five Friends– Show us five friends’ blogs and give us a blurb on why you like them.
  4. Talk Slowly – Teach us a difficult tech concept, piece by piece, with analogies, and drawings made off napkins or Flickr pics.
  5. Five Tools I Use – Show us your web toolbox. (Add or subtract as needed).
  6. My Mother, My Daughter – Doesn’t have to be exactly this, but the idea is to interview your parent and your child, and ask them five questions to compare their perspectives.
  7. My Media Making Process – Show us your podcasting or videoblogging or photoblogging (or whatever) setup, and talk us through the procedure.
  8. A Cause to Connect – Share your social cause of choice, and give us a background, the challenge they face, and ways to connect and be helpful.
  9. Renovation Project – How would you take a mainstream publication or media product (like a TV show) and gear it up for the new media world?
  10. Business Blogging – What’s your take on business blogging? What advice will you give tomorrow’s company bloggers?
  11. Without Words – Can you post a story told completely in pictures? How about sounds?
  12. Conversations With Past Masters – Seek out a journalist or a radio veteran or a former TV personality and interview them on how producing media was in their day, and what they see coming out of this social media space.
  13. Tomorrow’s Classroom – How would you use social media tools to enrich or change the learning experience ?
  14. Next Record Label – BMG called. They want YOU to launch a new kind of record label. What do you do?
  15. A Media Package – Coke called (boy, you’re lucky!), and they want something to go along with their print and TV campaign. What would YOU make for them, or how will you tell people about new Chocolate Coke?
  16. Secret Experts – You know lots about how to be a digital citizen. You just don’t realize that other’s DON’T know it. Share some tips for people coming online and engaging in social networking.
  17. Fan Next – Fans have new tools to aid in their appreciation of their passion, be that sports or sci fi, or whatever. How do the tools of social media change the way people express their appreciation? How do YOU participate?
  18. My Big Whoops – Early on, you might have made a few mistakes in social media. Maybe you pronounced Friendster the best social network of all time. Perhaps you thought Jaiku would replace Twitter (look back at April 07 to where I mention something of that nature). What can you teach others from your experience?
  19. How You Can Win Against Big Media – You’re out there proclaiming newspapers dead. Great. Teach us how to put the matter to bed, once and for all.
  20. How Big Media Can Participate – Big media’s not dead. Are you kidding? They’ve got the skills and the experience. They just need a tool refresh. Show them the way.

So there you have it. 20 new things to consider doing. Which ones appeal to you?

The Social Media 100 is a project by Chris Brogan dedicated to writing 100 useful blog posts in a row about the tools, techniques, and strategies behind using social media for your business, your organization, or your own personal interests. Swing by [chrisbrogan.com] for more posts in the series, and if you have topic ideas, feel free to share them, as this is a group project, and your opinion matters.

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