50 Blog Topics Marketers Could Write For Their Companies

You’ve started a company blog. What comes next? It’s not like someone gives you blog topics and an editorial calendar and suggests which one to post first. Well, I’m here to help. As part of my ongoing desire to see you pick up these social media tools for yourself and change the future of your business, here are 50 Blog Topics Marketers Could Write For Their Companies. (Feel free to repost, but please link back to [chrisbrogan.com] ). Oh, and if some of these don’t fit exactly, think creatively about whether you could adapt them.

50 Blog Topics for Marketers

  1. How to get the most from our customer service department.
  2. The best way to recommend an improvement to our product or service.
  3. Podcast – complete installation instructions in audio and video.
  4. What would you like to see in next year’s catalog?
  5. Our favorite projects over the coming months.
  6. Some tricks that might keep you from needing support.
  7. Upcoming coupons and offers for the next two weeks.
  8. We want to talk. How should we contact you? Where?
  9. Choose our product’s price.
  10. Five tips for getting more from your ______ .

    office worker

  11. A little bit about us.
  12. A walk in our neighborhood.
  13. Photos from our community meetup.
  14. What goes into our decision process.
  15. Video – a tour of the plant, and a day in the life of your product.
  16. What it’s like to work for our company.
  17. We support these causes, and here’s why.
  18. The next two years: how we grow with you.
  19. We want to come to work with you (and learn how we can help)!
  20. Giving back to the community: our plan.

    truck accident

  21. What we worry about over the coming year.
  22. How we handle your disputes or complaints.
  23. Can you recommend a better process for this?
  24. Sometimes, we have to say no.
  25. Your call is important to us. We’ll tell you how important.
  26. We’re sorry, and here’s how we’ll handle things next time.
  27. Report from our independent community review board.
  28. How to close out your account with us. (Imagine how risky this is?)
  29. The economy is piling up costs, and we have to share the burden.
  30. Understanding what went wrong.

    spider man

  31. Birthday announcements for August. (Imagine listing your customers’ names on a birthday calendar?)
  32. Fourteen ways to customize your _______.
  33. Why we like our competitor’s product better, and how we’ll catch up.
  34. Customer Profile – Sedah D’Abdul.
  35. Our fourth annual YOU awards.
  36. What we think is unique about us. Do you agree?
  37. Communities in your neighborhood, and several on the Web.
  38. Your blog posts: Javier Mendoza suggests ways we could improve.
  39. Companies to consider when you get too big for us.
  40. Why we believe participation pays off.

    ice cream sandwiches

  41. Meet our four favorite customer service reps for September.
  42. Vendors that serve us so we can help you.
  43. Our global plan – Vietnam, Italy, and your back yard.
  44. What we look for in our leadership.
  45. Video – our new smaller offices downtown.
  46. Green is our new favorite color- save energy and money with your ______.
  47. How corporate responsibility saved us $3Mil last year.
  48. Growing up but staying fun.
  49. Your event, our treat.
  50. Five promises we’ve kept over the last few years.

You tell me: where there some squirmy parts in there? Can you see how customers might react to reading these? I wrote almost every one of these with the customer as a reader. How would these shift if your reader was someone else in your list of stakeholders?

What would you add?

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