Come See My Site

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.45.50 PM

If you’re used to getting in the mail, swing by and VISIT MY SITE to see the new design by Rafal Tomal of Copyblogger Media. It’s so gorgeous. I love it.

There are a few other things to know:

1.) I’ve moved to Rainmaker (more on what that means in a future post).
2.) I probably will have to kill the comments section.

Why? Go look at my posts. Spam has overrun my site, and it’d be more work to pluck the mess apart than it would be worth to publish the blog.

I promise this with all my heart: you can always find me and talk to me about my posts via my email ( chris @ chrisbrogan . com ), or via the social networks, or whatever. You can write angry posts on your site instead of mine.

But it’s going to be for the better.

And wow. I love my new design. I hope it’s helpful to YOU, too!

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