FastCompany Goes SUPER Social

fastcompany has gone totally social crazy (in the very most beaming and loving of ways). Shel Israel, who snuck over there to hang out with Scoble some more, mentioned it on his blog, and I, being both a faithful Shel reader *and* a FC fiend since the 1990s when I used to stalk Heath Row, went on over to look.

Holy cats!

Stop Me if I’m Wrong

Is this the first major print publication that totally turned over their website to being something much better than a digital clone of the print edition? Because sure you can read some articles from Fast Company on the site, but this thing starts out with mymymymymymy and gets even more yum-my as you go along. Throw in a big fat profile, write a blog post, join some groups, and look around for members. It’s a social network hiding inside Fast Company’s website.

Am I wrong?

The Value in This

Should FastCompany report great success in this project of theirs, it will show publications that they don’t have to recreate their content in digital form and call it a day. The website for FastCompany is no longer a subscription lead generator. It’s a robust network for learning more about the community they’ve fostered, an opportunity to develop other value propositions, and a chance to enhance their community’s numbers and cohesive nature by way of giving them a “home.”

I’m all for it. I hope other magazines follow suit. How sick would a Wired network with all the right bells and whistles be? What other publications would make great social networks? WSJ anyone?

**UPDATE: Saturday morning blues over at FC:


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