For Those Who Pea on Social Media

peacture Mainstream media thinks about social media: whether to crush it, whether to join it, whether to just ignore it. Marketers wonder if they should use it as the new way to reach customers. Oh maybe social media is about peas.

Susan Reynolds Pea’d Herself

Susan Reynolds is an artist, and a creative soul, and I met her earlier in 2007 via Twitter. She is part of the more “social” side of Twitter, keeping up with AnnOhio and the gang. I know that Susan also gets into Second Life and that circle.

Only, one day, she learned that she had breast cancer. It all went fast, and the doctors gave her the big once-over. And after “a full afternoon of multiple stab wounds,” as she puts it, Susan learned that putting ice on her chest would help with the bleeding and the swelling and the pain.

So, suddenly, Twitter is all about peas.

Social Media Isn’t Just Chatter

Starting Friday, December 21st, the Frozen Pea Fund will be raising money for breast cancer research in Susan’s name. And it’s a message that’s being spread by Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Jon Swanson, and Connie Reece, to name just a few.

People like Laura Fitton and Kosso have set up a group Twitter feed, and C.C. Chapman set up TwitterPeas. Overall, it’s a huge effort by lots of people to raise awareness of the campaign.

And this is to support a friend lots of us haven’t even met in person. Yet.

So Shrug It Off If You Want

We’re over here sending people to college, supporting other cancer fundraising, microlending, and plenty of other nifty causes that have real live humans behind them.

Social media is a lot more than blogging, podcasting, and social networks. It’s effective at reaching the people beyond the keyboards and microphones and connecting them to important things.

So, swing by the Frozen Pea Fund and consider giving to breast cancer research. Want a reminder as to why? Read Susan’s Boobs on Ice blog.

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