Using Google Plus to Source Ideas

For a long time, I’ve used Twitter to help pull together ideas. Since jumping on Google+ however, I’ve found that so many more people respond, and that there’s a great range of potential answers given to questions. Because comments exist under the post, I don’t lose them in my stream the way I do in Twitter. Here’s my question and some of the answers I got on Google Plus:

If I were to interview you on Skype video for 5-7 minutes, what would you want to talk about? What topics are interesting to you? What would be of interest to an audience of small business owners or web entrepreneurs?

And here are a sampling of the 149 answers I received:


more answers

Use Google+ To Source Ideas

I’ve seen lots of people use it this way. I think you’ll find some great value in using it as such.

If You Don’t Yet Have An Invite

1.) Please don’t ask. I don’t seem to get invites.
2.) Keep refreshing , usually at night. It SEEMS to open up a little bit each night and then close down again.

I hope that helps.

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