Google Plus

Why Would You EVER Want to Start Work on Another Social Network?

My easiest answer? This social network is run by Google, the #1 search engine in the world and gateway to YOUR business. Why else? Because Google is pressing hard to use this technology to build an underpinning for many of its other services, and this will grow your business, if used well. This platform is a must-use platform, in my opinion. And when should you start? Now. While people aren’t all there yet. Want to see what I’m doing on Google+?

People are booking Chris to speak about Google+, but if you want to start somewhere, watch the videos below, and check out Chris’s new book (see below).

Watch the Google+ for Business Webinar

I recorded this video for you to talk through what Google+ means for you and your business. This page will also offer other resources as time goes on.

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

One Quick Fix for your Google+ Profile

Do this one thing and change your business prospects greatly.

The Google+ Book

Google+ Book

Amazon Book
Barnes & Noble
800 CEO Read (good for bulk)

Need More?

Do you need more customized training for how to incorporate Google+ into your business? Simply contact us and we’ll gladly talk to you about an in-person or an online education offering. We’d love to help!

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