I Closed My LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn No More

I just closed my LinkedIn account. Why? Because at least a MONTH ago, I reported a fairly simple problem: I can’t seem to add people back when they request that we connect. Oh, that would be about the 2nd primary thing one does on the site. You make a profile and then you connect. That’s about it. The connecting part has been broken.

I’m done. I don’t care. Whatever.

Why post this? Because I’m forever asked by people why I don’t talk much about LinkedIn. Why? Because it hasn’t done much for me for business.

Lots of people do great by it. Lewis Howes is a LinkedIn hero. JD Gershbein is a LinkedIn hero. Maybe they know more.

Me? Maybe I’m using it wrong. Whatever. Wishing you well Mario and Reid and everyone else I know there. See you on Google+ or wherever else business gets done.

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