If You Have an Extra Half Hour

clock and lemons In the course of a day, someone cancels a meeting, someone misses a phone call, a project takes the back burner, you find yourself waiting for someone else. This time is the time most at risk to being wasted.

It’s amazing what we do when the half hour seems free or extra. Instead of just throwing it away, here’s a list of things you could do instead that might improve your business relationships.

If You Have an Extra Half Hour

Perform a few of the following tasks.

  1. Write two recommendations on LinkedIn for people’s work you can vouch for.
  2. Read and comment on five blog posts(especially if they’re up-and-coming bloggers vs the pros).
  3. Go to search.twitter.com, put in a few topics you’re interested in, and comment on a few conversations.
  4. Go to Alltop.com and discover some new blogs in a category that matters to you.
  5. Read and Stumble a few good blog posts. Share them on Twitter and Facebook, too.
  6. Write a list of blog topics to come up with in coming weeks.
  7. Reply to the five oldest emails in your inbox. See if any of the replies would be better as blog posts to help more people.
  8. Investigate two new websites or technologies that might or might not impact your work.
  9. Teach one person you know about something you know about social media.
  10. What would you add?

You probably have a few more ideas for what to do with a half hour. Let’s list them here.

Photo credit lepiaf.geo

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