My Next 100 Posts

Cutout Starting today, I will dedicate my next 100 posts to a specific mission: helping you grow the value of your social media and social networking efforts. I will post specific strategies, tactics, tips, and resources to help you develop your skills and abilities in these areas, particularly insofar as these might help you develop your personal brand, build business for yourself or your organization, or otherwise perhaps be helpful to what interests you.

Your Help is Required

You know me. I can write and make media until the cows come home. But I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing it to offer something to you that might be useful or at least thought-provoking. To that end, I’d like your ideas on what you might want covered in this series as well. Some of you will just tell me to write what I’m intending to write, but that’s obvious. Instead, are there parts of the puzzle that you want me to talk more about? Are there ideas where you pretty much have most of it, but can’t seem to make it work the whole way? I’ll offer whatever I can.

Guest Writers

I’m going to ask some of my friends to contribute to this project as well. Why not? I am fortunate enough to hang with some of the smartest people figuring out this social media stuff. Why not ask them to contribute something to the pot luck. More social that way. Right? So if you’ve got some favorites in mind, or if you read a few of my posts in this new series and have a post to contribute, by all means, please do so. Email me directly (information is in the sidebar at []).

So what do you think? 100 posts in a row of my best, and of friends from around the socialmedia verse. And no, not just text posts. We’ll mix it up with some audio, some video, etc. We’ll do some sampling of some of the good stuff out there, as well as some dips into the Rockstars page.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, at the end of the 100 posts, I’ll reveal a new site design, for those of you who actually come to the website itself, instead of subscribing to the RSS feed.

One Request

I’m going to ask one thing from each of you who come by and read the site. Consider it a holiday favor. I’m going to ask that you consider blogging a brief little post pointing to my site to point out the 100 Social Media Posts series, and if you like what I’m doing, consider encouraging your audience to stop in and check it out.

And thanks! I look forward to 100 interesting posts!

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