Mzinga Acquires Prospero- Uses Social Media to Announce

Mzinga Massachusetts based Mzinga, maker of white label social media platforms, announced today that it is acquiring another Massachusetts based maker of white label social media platforms ( Prospero). I heard about it on Twitter before I read it in all the obvious tech blog places. But what I like most about this announcement are some of the DNA of both companies that are coming together.

For instance, I’m happy that a social media company has actual evidence that THEY use social media. Besides meeting Aaron Strout at various social breakfasts, he twitters, he blogs in a few places, and there are more bloggers prominently displayed on the company site.

Further, they’re going to field Q&A on Twitter. How cool is that? Gimmick? No! The kind of people who care about social media will have an account and be in that space, so it’s the perfect place to hold such an announcement Q&A (though the between-question chatter might make it tricky to see everything).

I didn’t know Prospero’s people as well, except maybe for Colin Browning, but I think they’re going to the right place. If you compare features on each company’s website design (just as one facet), I think they’re merging in the right direction.

So, congrats to Mzinga, and to the merging of Prospero. Congrats to the customer bases, who will take advantage of these various technologies, and if you want to read more about how Mzinga and Prospero used social media behind the scenes, check out Colin Browning’s blog post on it.

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