New Here?

Chris Brogan I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s start there.

I’m Chris Brogan and I run Owner Media Group. We provide simple plans for business success. You’re looking to get better at marketing? We do that. Want to improve your systems and focus? Got you covered.

The best part of that is Owner Insider, a group of people who are working their way through all the plans and projects I provide, plus a private collaboration group, coaching, and a lot more, all tucked into one place for a really low subscription rate.

Who are YOU?

You’re an owner. Whether or not you run your own business, you own your choices and your life, and thus your future. You’re here because you’re looking for better ways to get your business done. You want something simple and something clear and something easy to do for yourself. That’s what I excel in, and so that’s why we’re here together.

My Media

Besides this blog, I also publish OwnerFUEL. I have a podcast. But best of all, I produce a weekly newsletter that offers you the best of what I do. That’s what I most hope you’ll check out.

I also wrote a bunch of books.

The Social Networks

I’m sometimes active on Twitter as @chrisbrogan. It’s always me, by the way. Why give someone else my social networks or my email.

I’m not as quick to friend you on Facebook, but in recent months, that site’s been adding value.

I love Instagram. I’m @chris.brogan there.

I’m glad you’re here. If you need to reach me, you can either use my contact form (which Ron or Rob will answer), or email directly if you subscribe to my newsletter.


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