New Here?

Chris Brogan I’m so glad you’re here. My work, as it’s reflected in this site, is a blend of personal leadership, business strategy, and actionable advice. It’s sales, marketing, personal development, health and fitness, and sometimes a tiny bit of technology advice (but rarely as much about that). I’m not a guru. I’m some nice guy who types and who can help you learn a lot.

You should know that the best thing I do every week is my newsletter. It’s brief, simple, concise and actionable. Oh, and if you reply, I’ll write back. Me, not some nice person.

I also produce a radio show online that usually has great guests and other insights.

If you want to grow your capabilities as an owner, my flagship course and the best advice I have is The Owner’s Path. It’s your best way to make money, save time, and work on winning your game.

Who YOU Are

You are an owner or a #proudfreak looking to be an owner. You might own just your cubicle, or maybe you own the company outright, or maybe you’re just working to own your choices. That’s why you’re here. I promote the mindset of learning how to drive strong execution through better understanding your mission. From there, I teach you how to make and score your own game (as well as better understand “their” game – the one you’re currently playing). Finally, I help you map your actions to honor that mission and help you win your game. That’s our work together.

Do I help you sell better? Yes. Do I help you improve your reach and gain influence? Yes. Do I help you with learning how to use the digital channel better? Sure!

But mostly, I help you build a foundation of what it takes to be an Owner, and from there, I help you build out your very own Owner’s Path.

The Social Networks

I’m quite active on Twitter as @chrisbrogan. It’s always me, by the way. Why give someone else my social networks or my email.

I’m not as quick to friend you on Facebook, but in recent months, that site’s been adding value.

I love Instagram. I’m @nothinglost there.

You can also find me on Google+, but it’s harder for me to respond to comments there (notifications really don’t work well there).

I’m glad you’re here. If you need to reach me, you can either use my contact form (which Ron or Rob will answer), or email directly if you subscribe to my newsletter.


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