Is It Really So Weird That I Want to Tackle the Obesity Epidemic?

Obesity Challenge I’ve been working to support a 90 Day Health Challenge that works at two purposes: to help YOU deal with losing weight and at the same time, help kids battle obesity. Some people have asked me what THAT’s all about. Let me tell you!

MOST Everyone We Know Needs To Get Healthier

Chris Brogan Transformation

When I started on my own fitness and health journey, it was for a few reasons (besides the obvious “boy am I FAT” reason). I realized that by running an organization called Owner, it would be silly that I couldn’t choose to own the distance between my fork and my mouth. The other reason was that I wanted to help my kids by modeling a better choice of behaviors, as well.

That’s the primary reason.

Our Kids Need Us

When I first read that this generation of kids (around age 5,6,7,8) will be the first generation of kids in the history of humanity that (most likely) might not live longer than their parents, and this crushed me when I read it.

Speaking of which, have you seen this public service announcement?

Can’t see the video? Click Here

Why I Teamed With Visalus to Promote The Challenge

I joined up with Visalus because Jacqueline was working with them. Plus, I’d had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Blair, the CEO, for an interview, and I found him to be a very straightforward kind of guy. I did my research and found the company to be A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. And more importantly, I had seen that Visalus had helped people lose millions of pounds and had translated that into millions of MEALS and support to help kids and also food banks (who evidently also have a big need that this project fills).

That’s why I promote The Challenge.

The Added Bonus

I’ve never ever had anything to do with a network marketing company before. I knew people (like my mom) who had enjoyed their experience with direct sales and network marketing, but I knew nothing about the experience. This was a way to get involved such that I could:

a.) help my peers get healthy.
b.) help kids get healthy.
c.) learn another business model inside and out.

How fun is that?

Am I the Best Guy To Promote This?

Beats me. I’ve lost over 60 pounds so far (not all of that on the challenge) and I’m sharing that progress in person for my next 40 pounds via Instagram, so you can keep informed there. I’ve also written a book about what I’ve learned so far (with help from Jacqueline Carly). Read that and then let me know.

All I can say is that I’ve got over 40 people working with me now on their health, and I get to jump up and cheer every week when I see even more success.

And you? Want to learn more? Watch the videos and read the stuff, and then fill out the little form. We can talk! :)

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