Prologue is More Than We Are Considering

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“Twitter for WordPress” is what people have been calling Matt Mullenweg’s latest project, and lots of great folks have weighed in on this. But I have a different opinion.

Prologue is (almost) Twitter BEHIND the Firewall

It’s actually spelled out by Mullenweg a little further down the page:

As a completely virtual company with no two people in the same place every day, we often have trouble keeping up with each other, so we’re going to be using a password-protected Prologue that only Automattic employees can access as one of our methods of communication, much like some other companies use Basecamp.

Install WordPress on a web server inside the firewall, build accounts for your colleagues, and you’ve solved the “private implementation” of Twitter. Almost.


Twitter can be accessed by a mobile browser (maybe Prologue is nicely formatted for mobile?). Twitter is accessible via SMS. (Is there a hack for that yet?) Twitter is accessible by IM client and/or 3rd party apps.

So, one little piece is missing.

Will Enterprises Go With It Anyway?

I would. In a heartbeat. I think it’s a great implementation for short messages like status and the like inside the firewall. I think it’s a great step in that direction, and as WordPress has tons of other extensions and hacks, it’s the kind of thing you can imagine getting to the other missing parts of Twitter.

Without Hype

Remember, this is just a blog theme. Nothing under the hood is much different than blogging. And yet, it’s something that gives us a new perspective, and a potential something to offer clients who want short status messaging inside the workplace.

What do YOU think?

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