Social Media 101

Social media 101

Should your company be blogging? What’s Twitter going to do for you? Why is Facebook all the rage? I’m happy to report that Social Media 101 (amazon aff link) is available for purchase.

Here are a few places where you can buy it, should you want it:

Social Media 101 – 800CEORead

Social Media 101 -Amazon

Social Media 101 – Amazon KINDLE edition

Social Media 101 – edition

Social Media 101

Social Media 101 – Books-a-Million

Social Media 101 – Borders

(I’ll add more as they come about)

**Audiobook coming soon, but not for a bit. Kindle coming soon, but not for a bit.

Who Should Want This Book?

First off, the book is a collection of information that you might have read about here on []. Most of it comes from blog posts, tidied up to be useful to you. But that’s the point.

This book is for people who are less likely to read my blog. It’s also a way to have my information distilled in a static form so you can refer to bits as you need them. That’s one benefit to it.

Another benefit? You can share this with folks who might not normally read the blog who might need to get what we’re doing here in social media.

Make sense?

It’s Not the NEW Stuff

It’s the basics. It’s the little tricks and ideas. It’s suggestions of what to do next. Is it new and mind-blowing? No, not really. It’s important. Yes, it’s important.

Special Thanks

This book wouldn’t exist without my mom and dad. Steve Brogan and Diane Brogan did tons and tons of work on this book. My wife, Katrina, helped out, as well. Imagine that: a book brought to life by family. Hands-on by people who are NOT social media experts, but who get it. They all use these tools in their own ways, very differently from me. And yet, they use them.

Will you?

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