Fitness and Health Advice from a Non-Expert

juststartheread I have no business writing this book, but I did, anyway. If you want to learn how to lose weight and get healthy from someone with a trench-level view of the experience, that’s what you’ll get in Just Start Here, my new book, with lots of help from Jacqueline Carly.

Lose Weight

That’s what Google wants me to say. They want me to say “lose weight,” because that’s what people think is the goal. Did you lose weight based on the last bunch of advice you got for losing weight? I’m going with no.

Get Healthy

Isn’t this more like the real goal? Health? My role as an Owner is to grow successful business professionals. But I take ownership to a whole different place because I’ve made it my mission to help people own the distance between the fork and their mouth. I want you to be healthy enough to enjoy your business success.

As an industry (the whole marketing and digital space), have you noticed just how sedentary we are as an entire tribe? Heck, if you’re in the US, you don’t have to look very far.

It’s Not About Perfection

I’m still on the path here. I’ve got 40 pounds left to go before I’m close to my ideal weight and body composition. But the contents of this book (especially after Jacq helped me with it) are the missing parts of a lot of other books I’ve read on the topic.

The Mindset and Mental Stuff Is What I’ve Added

Ultimately, you know what to do, and what to eat and how often to move. You know this. But you’re CHOOSING not to do it. I tackle that in this book. I help you look at “why.” I invite you to strip away your excuses.

It’s interesting, though. I’ve had many conversations in the last few days about people’s weight challenges, and I’ll share with you the pattern (somewhat generically to preserve people’s anonymity):

Person: I’m just tired of being so overweight and I want to really make a change that will stick this time.
Me: Cool! I’d love to help. (Advice of some kind to start the ball rolling ensues.)
Person: Oh, well I can’t do that.
Person: I think I’ll just start by working out more.
Person: (random advice they read in a magazine repeated back to me).

There’s a whole industry built on giving you conflicting advice. My goal isn’t to lead you into that mess. My intention is a bit different. I want to give you a few different methods that I used and found direct results with, understanding that not everyone will want to try everything that I tried, but MOSTLY , I want to help you with the mindset.

Because what I’ve learned, and you can get this advice for free without even picking up the book, is this: it’s your head. It’s not your sore knee. It’s not (very very very rarely) your thyroid. It’s not your genetics. It’s you. It’s your choices. It’s you making excuses.

All I learned, mostly, over all this effort, was how to stop making excuses and start living the life I deserve.

Join me?

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