When Twitter Goes Down

Twitter downtime image

Okay, first, a round of applause. Twitter has been FAR more stable lately than the old days. But it’s dawned on me that not only do I use Twitter as a way to learn, to share, to grow, and to communicate with friends, I’ve also come to rely on Twitter as part of my information sharing habits.

I’m scanning blogs in Google Reader, and I find this article about giving good return on attention. I like it. I hit Shift+S to share it via Google reader, which pushes it along to FriendFeed, which connects to my Facebook, but then, I decide to share it in Twitter, and I realize we’re in scheduled downtime.

The moment I realize this, I get itchy. I want to share. I want to exchange information. I want to see whether people find that information useful. That last part’s the big one: did someone see the tweet, find it interesting, and retweet it or share it in some other way?

What am I going to do with this piece by Chris Perry (smart guy!)? I mean, it’s just sitting here waiting to be shared by me, and then commented upon.

I guess I never realized that the “ack” part of the conversation (ping= “here’s some data” ; ack =”wow, that’s good stuff!” ) was as important to my sharing habits. But it is.


(Oh, and I can’t share this with Twitter to ask for your opinion on it.)

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