Why Bother Blogging Podcasting and Using Social Networks

Brogan Looking Up Spending a lot of time in front of a computer is a waste of time. Coming up with something to say every day is such a waste. Making audio and video podcasts is tough, costs too much to do right, and who’s going to bother listening or watching anyway? Spending time on Facebook is stupid. It’s really just for college kids, and you’re creepy for being there. Why bother with Twitter? Like anyone wants to know what I ate for lunch yesterday. This is all a stupid fad, and we’re going to be laughing about it in a few years.

So far, to date, social media and social networks has built relationships between me and several hundred really interesting and important people. Some of these folks are just as broke as me. Some of them are millionaires. Doesn’t matter. They’re all interesting, all have something to add to the story.

To date, social media and networks have brought me a job, a career, tons of experiences beyond what I could’ve had while being a cog in a mid-sized wireless technology company.

So far, I’ve reached people I used to think of as gods. Now I KNOW. Because I can call them and ask their advice.

Money? Sure. I’m being paid to tell people about social media. I’m being paid to talk about the future of all this stuff. Yep. Check. ( Penn has the better story on being paid for social media).

So that’s right. You go on and scoff, or write it off, or decide it’s stupid. You’re probably right.

Me? I’ll be over here figuring out ways you can make it work if you want to put in the effort, and showing you every single thing I learned along the way.

What do you think?

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