Why I Switched to Rainmaker


I recently moved chrisbrogan.com to the Rainmaker platform, because I wanted to work more on my business, and less on the details of maintaining a website. In case you’re not aware, Rainmaker is a hosted WordPress solution with a very customized back-end so that everything is a lot simpler and cleaner and easier to understand. By “hosted,” I pay a monthly fee to run the site on Copyblogger Media’s servers, and for the platform and all the themes.

There are some pluses and minuses to switching to Rainmaker.

The Benefits Are Why I’m Here

Rainmaker is Clean

I love how simple and clean everything is. Within Rainmaker, I can create all different types of content, like private membership forums, podcasts, and more (though I keep my podcasting separate for now). It’s just push-button simple to get most things started, and I’ve enjoyed exploring how each of these can work towards improving business with conversion stats, and the like. That’s the other part I like.

Rainmaker Analytics

I like really simple analytics. Truth is, I’m not clever enough to do much with more complex ones. I like that Rainmaker has just enough for me to work with, and can get even a bit more complicated when I’m ready. Even with simple views, I feel pretty happy with what I get.

Drawbacks of Rainmaker

If you want to call it a drawback, one thing you can’t do with Rainmaker that you can do when you use Genesis on your own web hosting solution is that you can’t just pick whatever plugins you want to use. There are a set number of plugins currently installed in Rainmaker, and you can’t just add whatever you’re used to using from the past.

That said, I haven’t yet felt especially sad or hampered by this. If I were someone who really had a lot of hooks and tweaks and special methods of using WordPress, maybe I’d care a bit more. But my job is to build a business, not make the most spaceship-like site in the world. The few plugins I do miss aren’t worth all the hassle that came with managing all that stuff myself.

Lots of Training

There’s an education tab built into Rainmaker. I’m really not good at learning in traditional ways, so I tend to just ask people for help. But I’ve found more answers in the free education areas, and more importantly, I like that it’s written for people like me (busy people who don’t want to become WordPress wizards).

Consider Getting Rainmaker

If you’re looking for a powerful hosted WordPress install that lets you focus more on your business and less on being a web developer, I can strongly recommend Rainmaker. I waited quite a long time to be able to promote this to you but it’s so very worth it. There are very few situations where I’d recommend any other technology, given how easy this is to put together. (Again, if you’re looking to be a web developer or designer, this isn’t for you. This is for people who want to focus on their business.)

I vouch for it. I trust my business to it. I believe in the company who supports it.

Get some.

Rainmaker Platform: Build a Powerful Website

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